Dua to be protected from all types of evil #3
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اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ جَارِ السُّوءِ، وَمِنْ زَوْجٍ تُشَيِّبُنِي قَبْلَ الْمَشِيبِ، وَمِنْ وَلَدٍ يَكُونُ عَلَيَّ رِبًا، وَمِنْ مَالٍ يَكُونُ عَلَيَّ عَذَابًا، وَمِنْ خَلِيلٍ مَاكِرٍ عَيْنَهُ تَرَانِي وَقَلْبُهُ يَرْعَانِي إِنْ رَأَى حَسَنَةً دَفَنَهَا، وَإِذَا رَأَى سَيِّئَةً أَذَاعَهَا.
O Allah,I seek refuge in You from a bad neighbour, and from a wife who causes my hair to turn grey even before old age, and from a son who becomes a master over me, and from a wealth that turns into a torment upon me, and from a cunning companion, whose eyes are upon me and whose heart is scheming against me, if he were to see something good [from me], he would bury it and if he sees something bad [from me] he would spread it.
Allaahum-ma in-nee a‛oodhu bika min jaar-ris soo’, wa min zawj-in tu-shaiy-bunee qabl-lal ma-sheeb, wa min wa-la-din ya-koono ‘lai-ya rab-ba, wa min maal-lin ya-koono ‘alai-ya ‘adhaaba, wa min kha-leelin maa-kirin ‘aynuho ta-raa-nee wa qal-buho yar-‘aanee, in ra’aa ḥa-sana-tan dafana-haa wa idhaa ra’aa sai’a-tan adhaa‘ahaa.
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Dua to be protected from all types of evil #3 - Video